Oral Wellness

Through every step of dental health in Hagerstown, MD — we are here to help.

Dental Exams

We offer two types of dental exams for new and existing patients.

Our comprehensive oral exam (comp exam) thoroughly evaluates and records all intraoral, extraoral, and soft tissues. This enables our hygienists to provide tailored cleaning based on your specific oral needs.

To ensure optimal oral health, the ADA recommends existing patients undergo a comprehensive exam every 3-5 years, while new patients receive one on their first visit.

Our comprehensive dental exam in Hagerstown, MD, requiring a single 90-minute appointment, includes the following assessments:

  • Periodontal Exam
  • Dental Exam (teeth)
  • Occlusal Exam (Bite analysis)
  • Radiographic Exam (x-rays and scans)
  • Head and Neck Cancer Exam (soft tissues of mouth, throat, and surrounding structures)
  • TMJ Exam (jaw joints)
  • Esthetic Exam (appearance of teeth and gums in relation to the face)

For established patients who’ve completed their comp exam, a periodic oral exam determines changes in dental and health status since the last evaluation. This exam is included with your regular dental cleanings.

Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings in Hagerstown, MD and exams are essential for maintaining a healthy smile! Our dedicated dentists and hygiene team provide gentle teeth cleaning while identifying potential problem areas. We also take the time to connect with you personally and address any oral health inquiries you may have.

At our office in Hagerstown, MD, dental cleanings and exams serve as fundamental preventive treatments. We prioritize your smile’s well-being by:

  • Removing plaque and tartar (dental calculus) during teeth cleaning to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  • Assessing the condition of your gums and bone to ensure optimal oral health.
  • Thoroughly flossing and polishing your teeth.
  • Conducting dental X-rays to detect any signs of decay or infection.
  • Examining your smile for potential dental conditions or diseases that may pose harm.

With our comprehensive cleaning and examination approach, we aim to keep your smile problem-free and promote overall dental wellness.

Periodontal Disease Detection & Treatment

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, affects a significant portion of the adult population in the US, potentially leading to tooth loss. Our dentists and hygienists specialize in detecting and treating periodontal disease, ensuring the preservation of your gum health.

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection primarily caused by plaque. Left untreated, it can result in gum inflammation, gum recession, bone loss, and even tooth loss. Moreover, periodontitis is associated with increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and dementia. Our skilled hygienists will professionally clean the infected pockets around your teeth, preventing further damage to gums and bone. You may require periodontal treatment if you experience symptoms such as:

  • Swollen or Tender Gums
  • Bleeding while Brushing or Flossing
  • Loose Teeth
  • Painful Chewing
  • Persistent Bad Breath
  • Gum Recession

By addressing periodontal disease promptly, we aim to uplift your gum health and promote overall well-being.

Oral Saliva Testing

At Potomac Dental Centre, we take a holistic approach to dental care and prioritize your overall health. Through HR5 oral saliva testing, we gain valuable insights into the specific bacteria in your mouth. This knowledge allows us to predict your susceptibility to certain types of periodontal disease and tooth decay, and take proactive measures to prevent severe damage.

By identifying dangerous bacteria, we can address potential risks and offer targeted antibiotic and probiotic treatments to treat the entire mouth. It’s important to note that these harmful bacteria not only impact oral health but also contribute to 57 different medical conditions, including periodontal disease, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia.

With HR5 oral saliva testing, we can assess the presence of harmful bacteria and provide the necessary treatment to prevent chronic medical conditions. Trust us to care for your oral and overall well-being.

Oral Cancer Screenings

At Potomac Dental Centre in Hagerstown, MD, we are committed to early detection and treatment of oral cancers and abnormalities. Oral cancer encompasses various areas, including the lips, tongue, mouth floor, cheeks, throat, sinuses, and palate. Detecting oral cancer in its early stages greatly increases the chances of successful treatment, as advanced stages can be more challenging to address and potentially life-threatening.

During your routine dental cleanings and exams, our dedicated dentist and hygienists perform thorough oral cancer screenings. We proactively look for common symptoms, such as:

  • Persistent Sore Throat
  • Unexplained Mouth Bleeding
  • Non-Healing Sores
  • Loss of Sensation or Pain in the Face
  • Abnormal Lumps or Rough Spots
  • Red or White Patches in the Mouth
  • Difficulties with Chewing, Speaking, or Swallowing

If you have any questions regarding oral cancer screening, please don’t hesitate to contact our caring team. We are here to assist you and ensure your peace of mind.

Dental Sealants

Did you know that dental sealants can reduce the risk of cavities by 80%? Our dentists and hygienists can help protect your teeth and your child’s teeth from decay with this preventive treatment.

Children often have deep grooves in their teeth’s chewing surfaces that can trap food and bacteria, increasing the likelihood of cavities. Additionally, some children struggle with brushing, especially their back teeth. Dental sealants offer a solution to these challenges.

A dental sealant is a protective coating made of a clear or tooth-colored resin material. It is applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth, creating a barrier that blocks out bacteria and food debris, effectively preventing decay and cavities. The sealant also smooths the natural pits and grooves of the teeth, making them easier to clean with regular brushing.

While dental sealants are commonly recommended for children, particularly for their permanent molars as they erupt between the ages of 6 and 12, they can also benefit adults who are prone to decay or have a history of cavities. Applying dental sealants is a quick and comfortable procedure that can be completed in one visit to our practice.

Fluoride Treatments

At Potomac Dental Centre, we empower our patients to prevent dental issues through simple and effective measures like fluoride treatments. Fluoride, a natural mineral, combats harmful bacteria and strengthens tooth enamel, fortifying it against decay.

During dental hygiene visits, many of our patients opt for fluoride treatment. After removing plaque and calculus (tartar) during your cleaning, we apply the fluoride treatment to seal and protect the enamel.

Our fluoride treatments offer prevention for up to 6 months from the application, effectively safeguarding against tooth decay. Take advantage of this protective measure and enjoy enhanced dental health.