Why An In-House Digital Dentistry Lab?

April 6, 2022

We at Potomac Dental Centre are dedicated to making you smile. That is why we invest in cutting-edge dental equipment, tools, and methods to guarantee that all of our patients receive the best dental treatment available today.

One of our latest and proudest advancements is that we’ve opened an in-house digital dentistry lab, Magnolia Dental Lab.

The Benefits to Magnolia Dental Lab

Changes in technology enable us to perform critical oral health treatments in less time and with more comfort to our patients! We rely on digital technology at our office to help us plan and prepare for work to restore patients’ smiles. We can now give same-day dental crowns thanks to this innovative technology. Digital dentures and other prosthetic alternatives are now available. Imaging technology also allows us to more thoroughly analyze patients, allowing us to provide crucial general dental treatment. Digital dentistry offers exciting benefits, and it assists us in fulfilling our entire mission of providing quality treatment while concentrating on making patients feel comfortable and well-cared for at every appointment.

Pros of Having An In-House Digital Dentistry Lab:

Faster Turnaround Times – Because so much of what we do and create is done in-house, our lab techs can begin cases almost immediately. This often allows for same-day results!

Real-Time Prep Feedback – Our dentists have immediate access to quality, close-up images of their prep work, allowing our dentists to confirm the design is perfect before sending it to our lab.

Minimized Remakes – With everything happening in-house, if there is a question that arises, it can be almost immediately answered. So the final product will be flawless and there will be no back and forth between the lab and our office.

Smoother Workflow – Our patients can expect a quicker turnaround because our lab only caters to our patients. Meaning, that there is no line at the lab or priority list outside of our practice.

More Positive Patient Experience – Most patients are thrilled to find out that they’ll no longer have to wait on the far away lab for their final results.

Excellent Collaboration –Screen-sharing services will help our laboratory and the dentist take a closer look at issues without requiring a bigger workload and lagging turnaround time.

Reduced Cost – By having a lab in-house, there are savings in transportation and lab fees. Ultimately, benefitting you!

Lindsey and Devon run our lab, so next time you’re in we can walk 
you past the lab and you can say hi and see what they’re working on.

We’re excited to be able to cater to our patients with an in-house lab. Have you been needing some dental work? Call today and let’s see how quickly we can get you your final results!